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Excellent – the Hotel Lux

In 2006, the Hotel Lux was renovated and furnished by the interior designer Isabel Kunert. For this, the owner/interior designer received an award from the Association of German Interior Designers and was thus included in the book “Outstanding Interior Design, 2009”.

Excerpt from the book “excellent interior design”, 2009, Verlag Callwey

“Gratinated hotel parfait with flair meringue – Take an unfortunate multi-room refuge of a manageable size. Peel and spin the ceilings and walls; freshly laid patterned wallpaper and shiny cocoa glaze on the walls form the basis for a tastefully rounded whole. It makes sense to separate out what is senselessly separating. Overhanging shower partition systems are to be replaced by seaworthy access hatches with an integrated cistern. Old oven doors serve as inspection openings. Then lay the already hearty marinated oak floorboards, existing floorboards in the stairwell are sanded down, seared and gently oiled. Tile adhesive as wall plaster, rolled with a pattern and clear-lacquered for a particularly creamy surface in the bathrooms, garnished with hanging toilets, smoked fittings, little old tables and new washbasins. One bathroom has an old, free-standing bathtub as the icing on the cake, another has a French Wilhelminian-style door as a shower partition and a blanched Bierdermeier cupboard half as a passage to the toilet.
Furniture that has matured over many years in the mild maritime climate and has been patiently turned by an expert hand is recommended for the filling. As a satiating side dish, you hand out a carpet made according to your own design and filled with delicious ornaments in the hallway. We recommend a well-tempered logo, stationery, postal and business cards, an appetite window converted into a showcase, a thirst-quenching website and a digestive fairy tale – well-being!”